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Every once in a while you'll start a book and there's a point when you begin to realize that you're not enjoying that book. So, the moral dilemma is: do you abandon the book or keep on trucking?

We have to be honest with you, Forest Friends. This dilemma approached both of us as we were reading You Are Not Like Other Mothers. Both of us wanted to like it, we really did. We were excited to read a book that was a little outside of our comfort zone and something unlike the things we've been recently reading. At first the unique writing style intrigued us and we were curious as to how the author was going to make it work with the novel. However, reading it soon seemed like a chore and we had to force ourselves to read the required chapters.

Hence came the dilemma.

We rarely like to abandon books. It almost makes us feel like horrible people; I mean you're basically telling a whole slew of characters and an author that their story doesn't matter. We certainly didn't want to do that. But as the feeling of "chorey-ness" continued, we finally decided to abandon the book.

Although this made us feel like terrible people, we know that it's okay to stop reading a book. There are infinite books out there in the world and there are so many other stories to get to and worlds to explore, that it's okay if one's not enticing enough. That's not the reader's fault.

So, dearest friends, we're sorry we didn't finish the book and can't take part in the awesome conversations you'll be having about it. We're happy that some of you are totally enticed by it; that's awesome! Be rest assured that we will not abandon another book in our book club. So, keep the conversations going! Don't let our lack of reading stop them! To have a conversation with someone who loved the book, head on over to Hollis' blog. 

Did you finish YANLOM? What did you think of it?

In other news, we're super excited to announce our December book for FFBC tomorrow! Be ready!

Oh, hello!

Oh, hello!
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