A Little RAH in the Book Drop


By: Kaitlyn and Sarah

Unlike Leslie Knope, we love libraries.

If it's not clear already, we love books. And what's even better than books? Free books! And who gives us these free books? Librarians. So, it might be even safe to say that librarians are our favorite people in the entire world.

And Kaitlyn knows from experience (she worked at a library for four years), librarians love nothing more than chocolate. Well, except books maybe.

Therefore, for our Random Act of Happiness (rah rah rah), we decided to give them "no tricks, just treats." We spent our Sunday going around to different libraries around nearby towns and putting a little happiness in their book drops.

notricksjusttreatsDSC_3456 DSC_3457DSC_3464 kbooks3DSC_3478 DSC_3482

This small act of kindness made us large amounts of happy. We hope the librarians love the candy and will indulge and not think it's actually a trick. If not, at least the thank-you note will bring some happiness into their days.

Our friend Jen, the creator of rah rah rah, also participated in spreading happiness in her corner of the Midwest - Minneapolis. Her project went so well and looked awesome.jenspost

Did you participate in this rah rah rah over the weekend? We want to hear about it! Comment or link us back to your post! :)

Oh, hello!

Oh, hello!
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