Wonderly: October

 By: Sarah and Kaitlyn

wonderlylogoThe theme this month for Wonderly is Masks! So, of course we tied in Harry Potter. Head on over to our October blog post by clicking the picture below. Click here to read our September Wonderly blog.

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Harry Potter House Masks

Generally, masks are thought to be associated with special events such as a Halloween costume party or a super-fancy masquerade ball. Sometimes, they are the central theme of a movie, like The Mask or V for Vendetta (November 5th is coming up). Other times, they’re used in awesome dance routines – we’re looking at you Jabbawockeez. While we would love to participate in all these events, besides busting a move or creating a creepy disguise, masks aren’t that practical. So when thinking about the blog theme this month, we really wanted to bring it into every day usage.
We decided to stretch the theme a bit. Only one literal (cat) mask was involved with this process, but we used masks in a more stealthy way.

It is completely accurate and no hyperbole at all to say that Harry Potter has remarkably ruled our lives. So, how fun would it be to discreetly dress up like Harry Potter every day? The answer: extremely fun – an outfit with a secret. However, prancing around with round glasses and lipsticked forehead scars and shouting spells at other people isn’t discreet. So, as fun as that sounds, we decided to dress up how we would if we were in each of the four Hogwarts houses – Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, Slytherin and Gryffindor.


For Ravenclaw, we decided to channel our “smart looks.” And of course we tied in the color blue. While dressing for Ravenclaw, we couldn’t help but feel intelligent and wise. And perhaps a bit confident.


This is probably the house we both least identify with, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t fun to dream about being a Slytherin student. They are cunning, resourceful and ambitious. We used green as the basis of our outfits tried our best to look a bit shrewd.


Both identifying as Hufflepuffs, this was the easiest house for which to dress. We are both friendly and creative, and we attempted to have our ensembles reflect this. These are the outfits we are both most likely to wear in the real world as well. (That’s not to say Hogwarts isn’t real!)


Gryffindor is the house that started it all. Strong, brave and honorable, Gryffindors are just wonderful people. Thinking about all the great Gryffindor students makes us so happy. And thinking about Harry Potter makes us happy. Clad in maroon, we loved dressing for this house.

Sometimes, masks are used to hide who you are. In this case, we loved wearing these masks. Perhaps instead of allowing them to hide us, they instead showed off our true selves – be them intelligent, cunning, creative, brave or a combination of all four.

What house are you in? This is our favorite personality test to find out.
Leave us a comment and let us know!

We'd also like to send a shout out to Three Chic Geeks for the inspiration for this blog post :)

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