Stay and Go

By: Tenley

For you I go.
For you I stay.
But for me?
Well, I never quite know where I am anyway.
I am here and there,
And lurking in between my defining cells, there is you.
You and your loose grasp,
Almost teasing me with thoughts of late Saturdays
And a long midnight waltz.
It’s the dream of white dresses and flower crowns.
It’s the sappy sounds of old soundtracks
And the melancholy sweetness of distance.
It’s the missed connections and missed communications.
It’s the idea of fingers wrapping around my neck
And strings wound tightly round my heart.
It’s the stay.
It’s your go.
It’s your indecision and carefree nothingness.
You hold me back while taking me so far away.
You are my travel and my home.
My solitary confinement and my birthday party.
Your stay is through my stay,
But if I stay…
I also go.
And although you may follow,
How far would you wander for me?
To the outskirts of this small town
Or perhaps to the inside of my twisted wants?
Will you go?
Go away,
Or go to me?
Won’t you…
Stay and Go
Beside me?

Oh, hello!

Oh, hello!
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