Ready, Set, RAH!


This summer, we had the wonderful opportunity to pair up with Jen over at Apartment Wife to participate in a project that she created called Random Acts of Happiness (fondly called rah rah rah).

The second we found out about her adorable initiative, we knew we wanted to get involved. Since then, we've participated in a few rah rah rahs with her, hoping to spread a little happiness around the Midwest. From decorating cookies with strangers to leaving little happy notes, these projects have been so rewarding. On our last adventure, the response from the Wordpress community was overwhelming and it soon became clear that rah rah rahs could expand beyond the Midwest and even beyond the U.S. itself.

So, we decided there would be nothing better than to invite all of you to join us on our next rah rah rah adventure.

The Mission? "No Tricks, Just Treats" - It's Halloween time, which means everyone is dressing up, but more importantly, there's a ton of candy. And who deserves candy more than our public heroes such as librarians, firemen, policemen, mailmen, etc.? Our mission is to give little candy gifts to them and to spread some happiness.

When? Sunday! Bag up some candy, possibly include a cute notecard with a cute saying on it, and hit the town. If you'd like, take some pictures of the experience as well.

After we finish this rah rah rah, we'll be posting about it on Monday. Make sure to check back here and on Jen's site to read all about how we did. Also, if you decide to participate, leave a link to your post in the comments so we can read yours :)

Ready, set, RAH!

Oh, hello!

Oh, hello!
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