November - The Best Month of the Year

By: Sarah

Besides my birthday month, January, my favorite month of the year is November, which is just two days away. So many wonderful things happen this month. Some of these things include:

  • My favorite holiday: Thanksgiving

  • Cold, crisp weather

  • Daylight Savings time where we get to set our clocks BACK an hour

  • Black Friday

  • Awesome movies start coming out because of the Oscars

  • And, most importantly:



There is nothing I love more than a great beard on a cute guy. Since I cannot grow my own beard (nothing for 23 years, even when I close my eyes and squeeze my hands into fists and think as hard as I can!), I must appreciate all the men who can wield a wonderful beard. Yes, wield. It's a skill.

I can't narrow down why I love beards so much - there's just something so mysterious and charming about a good beard. And for November, for 30 remarkable days, many men* participate in No Shave November. As the title infers, these men save their faces from razors and grow wondrous hair there, from five o'clock shadow (yes), to stubble (mmmm), to mini-beard (the best), to full-on-scraggly-gloriousness (the better).

I don't think many guys follow our blog, but for the few that do, I highly encourage you to participate this month! Some of the benefits of beards:

  • They keep your face warm (I assume)

  • You can store leftovers in them and other things - pencils?

  • They look great with flowers in them

  • You have a head start on a great Santa costume

  • Don't forget about Movember! For all the mustache lovers, this is a charity you can participate in by growing a 'stache and donating. The money goes toward "vital funds and awareness to combat prostate and testicular cancer and mental health challenges."

  • I'll swoon over your face

In case you'd like some beard persuasion, here are some of my favorite, notable bearded men:
avett-brothers1My favorite band: The Avett Beards Brothers

Devendra BeardBanhart

Ryan Gosling

tumblr_lnxy5oYEun1qampifo1_500Justin Vernon

Annnnd, just a few more:

Screen Shot 2013-10-30 at 2.27.35 PM

Are you a beard-lover? Will you be participating in No Shave November?

*Of course women can participate in No Shave November as well! For this post, I just wanted to focus on the men, though.

Oh, hello!

Oh, hello!
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