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If you're wondering why my virtual living room seems so much more sparkly than usual - sorry, that glitter is going to be stuck in your hair for a while - it's because we're celebrating. Technically, today marks the last day of my guest-posting gig here at The Duck and The Owl. I, however, prefer to think of it as an anniversary. Exactly four weeks ago today, I was invited over to Kaitlyn and Sarah's for the first time ... and I proceeded to share way too much information about the extremely personal relationship I have with my television set. And they let me come back next week anyway! Hence the celebration. This isn't goodbye - this is "thank you so much for letting me come over to play and for embracing my rather odd sense of reality. For four weeks in a row."

Since we all know by now that I talk about my tv viewing like it's my dating life (and frankly, the tv viewing is a lot more exciting) it seems only fitting that  this last post is about breakups. I mean, series finales.

In many ways, series finales are like breakups, since you can be with a show for years, accept some of its flaws (that theme music is just quirky!) make excuses for others (it was going through a rough patch in Season 4!) and still want to spend time with it every week ... until it's over. In fact, for me and my friends, the time we spent analyzing and obsessing over those freaking numbers in that freaking hatch on that freaking island far eclipses the amount of work we've ever put into an actual relationship. Which speaks volumes. But that's not the point.

The point, my friends, is that everything eventually runs its course, even television shows. Here are my Top 5 Series Finales:

5) The West Wing

The West Wing is my quintessential relationship show. Seasons 1-3, while Aaron Sorkin was running things and Rob Lowe had fantastic hair, was the honeymoon phase. Season 4, when Aaron went to rehab and Rob had some seriously bad haircuts, was the rough patch. And by the time Season 8 ended, we had both changed, and it was time to move on. The West Wing ended a very different show than how it started, but the finale brought back some familiar faces, tied up characters' storylines, and most importantly, acknowledged the sudden death of lead John Spencer earlier that season in a way that felt genuinely moving and not exploitive. *sniffle* We love you, Leo.
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4) Alias

Sydney and Vaughn are together. And they have a family. Do I need to say anything else? I suppose I should probably mention that Jack Bristow gets one of the best final lines for any character on tv, like, ever.

3) The Closer

duck and owl Oct 24 picture 2Police Department Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson is one of my favourite fictional people. She's tough and smart and charming. She catches bad guys and loves chocolate. After a particularly heartbreaking final few episodes, where Brenda and her entire team are faced with loss and betrayal, the writers made what I think was a bold choice and ended the series with ... warmth. There's no other word for it. Her career in the police department may be over, but actress Kyra Sedgwick practically radiates when she looks at the detectives who have become her family. When these tough, grizzled department veterans shyly ask her if her gift looks all right, she answers, "It looks like love."

2) Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Buffy is a Joss Whedon joint, so you know we're going to have high stakes and wisecracks and romance and the brutal, unexpected death of a favourite character or two. That's all there for you, but Whedon also throws in an amazing message to women, too. Buffy and Willow spreading the slayer powers to every single potential slayer in the world fit the show's female power motif to a tee (and makes me all verklempt every time I re-watch). Plus - let's be real: our girl and her team took down the First Evil. That's awesome.

1) Friends

Like you didn't see this one coming.


Thank you all for an amazing month! I can't wait to see you again.

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