My Favorite Crazy Old Ladies

By: Kaitlyn

Most people's idols include superheroes, presidents and 90's sitcom characters. While I do completely idolize those people, for some reason, I seem to find my similarities to be with a different generation of heroes. Usually when I watch a movie, the person I relate to the most is the crazy old lady. I'm not sure if that's a good or a bad thing, though I'm going to go with a good thing. Who doesn't want to be an eccentric lady that does unreasonable things and no one judges them? I know I do. Here are some of my greatest inspirations from pop culture.

1. Mama Odie- The Princess and the Frog

She’s completely nutso (I mean, she makes out with her pet boa constrictor), but can sing some personal gospel songs like no other.

2. Madge- Catching FireHQ still of Finnick and Mags

Because she’s completely B.A. in a cooky way and she’s really the reason any of the characters are still alive. Plus Finnick absolutely adores her and this photo is so adorable.

3. Kitty- That 70’s Show

I know she’s not old, really. I think it’s a mixture of the white hair and charm that makes me think of her as one. She’s just so cute and is always saying what we want her to say.

4. The Dowager Countess of Grantham- Downtown Abbey

She’s simply awesome in every single way ever. She’s sarcastic,  brutally honest, and has some of the best one-liners in television. Added bonus: she’s Maggie Smith.

5. M- James Bond (Judi Dench)

She’ll never be one to sit down with Bond and bake cookies with him (although that is something I would LOVE to see). She seems to keep emotions out of every decision that she makes and yet, you can’t help falling in love with her character; there’s some magic in that.

6. These guys. Such an adorable and inspirational story from Humans of New York: 

"This is such a cool story. About a month ago, I posted a photo of Ricky and Doris. At that time, all I knew was that Ricky was a puppeteer, and he had become good friends with Doris while performing in the park. He loved her so much that he honored her by creating her own puppet. (Top photo). I always assumed that Doris was a woman of very few words. Because every time I tried to speak with her, she smiled, and nodded, but never spoke back. Ready for the kicker?

I ran into Doris a few nights ago in Washington Square Park. And she spoke to me! Clear as day. In fact, she had quite a lot to say. Turns out, she had just gotten out of surgery to fix her vocal cords. For a full year, she had been unable to speak, because a shoulder injury had pinched a nerve in her throat. So you know what that means?

That means that Ricky and Doris had developed this amazing friendship without Doris even being able to talk. To make the moment even more magical, Ricky’s friend was nearby that night. He pulled out a cellphone, and gave Ricky a call. The bottom photo shows Ricky and Doris speaking for the very first time. "

Who are some of your favorite elderly leading ladies?

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Oh, hello!
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