Leaf-ing my Mark

By: Sarah

For me, fall means the start of a new journal. Albeit never quite filling up every page of my current journal, there's something about a shiny, new book of blank pages that leaves (pun intended) me feeling fervent about writing.

I do a lot of my writing using a word processor on my MacBook, but my best writing always seems to come from my hand wielding a pen instead of jabbing at keys. There's something so organic and almost cathartic about putting pen to paper. I allow myself to make mistakes, cross things out instead of deleting them, and my first drafts are often riddled with spelling errors (I tried to spell 'cathartic' four different ways in the last sentence before I finally looked it up).

[caption id="attachment_2454" align="aligncenter" width="542"]testjs Pesky pets :3 (This is a GIF, stick around!) Also, that awesome cat drawing on the blue journal was done by my friend Bridget. She's mega talented.[/caption]

Whenever I buy a new journal in the fall, I like to look back at my old journals. Some of the writing is decent, most of it is embarrassingly bad. But that's the thing about writing - for every 80 horrible things you write, there will be at least one remarkable piece. The key is to just keep writing. Write every day.

Fall is when I like to write most. Maybe it's because, like the trees, it's usually when things seem to change in my life, and those changes provide good writing material. Maybe it's all the new books and TV shows that come out, inspiring me to create. Or maybe it's the hundreds of pumpkin spice lattes surging through my veins, willing my brain to wander.

Now, who wants to see some of my old journals? Don't all get so excited at once! I tried to find an entry in each close to today's date. Or at least in October.

Here's an excerpt from 1996. I was six years old and still learning to spell and write properly. I do not remember going to a pumpkin farm and holding kittens, but I did always have a knack for making up stories. Whether this is true or not, at least I know I took the right (write) path to words and not paints, or in this case, crayons.



In this journal, from middle school, my best friend Sarah and I would write back and forth to each other. I had no idea I'd be doing a form of that more than 10 years later with another best friend. Most of the journal is filled up with arbitrary sentences like, "who do u want 2 ask u to the dance?!?!?!" or "i reallllllllly luv alex". It was far from a masterpiece, but we filled the whole notebook with notes and love. I don't talk to Sarah much anymore, but I told her I found this notebook while cleaning and we both had a good laugh about it. Below is a drawing from it that Sarah made.



Eventually, I graduated from Mead Wide Ruled to Moleskine Notebooks, my personal favorites. They're a bit pricey, but so worth the cost. This excerpt is from last fall, almost to the exact date. I drew inspiration from a failed relationship and created this. I think it's pretty decent. I hate that I used the word "lacuna" though. I think I may have caught a head-cold of the pretentious strain. Sometimes I shouldn't listen to my thesaurus and just go with "void". Maybe I'll start revising this one this fall.

journal03Well, I'm off to go buy a new journal and start writing my heart out. Hopefully there will be some crunchy leaves to step on on the way there.

When is your favorite time to write? Is it a season? A time of day? Do you keep a journal or write on a computer?


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Oh, hello!
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