Giving into the Pumpkin Fad

By: Tenley

Fall is in the air and that means pumpkin everything is invading our lives! Well, you know what they (whoever they are) say, "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em!"

So, here is how to make Donna Reed-worthy cupcakes with a Lorelai Gilmore-baking knowhow:


This picture shows you everything you'll need:
-Yellow cake mix
-2 eggs
-A dash of cinnamon
-1 can of yummy pumpkin
-Creamy cream cheese frosting
-Nuts of your choice (food not friends)
-Apple cider spice

The rest should all FALL into place from here. Start by adding your cinny to the cake mix, next add in the splash of vegetable oil, crack your eggs, pop in the pumpkin puree, and mix mix mix.


I don't especially love the color orange, but I have to admit this orange batter looks divine and let me gush for second about these cute floral cupcake holders. I certainly think they are smile-worthy.


Next, set up your cupcake factory and drop your batter dollops into the cups. The cupcakes do grow as they bake, so be careful not to overfill your cups with batter. You know what they say, "Too much of a good thing is..." Wait, how does that one go?

Your oven should be set to 350° and feeling pretty toasty by now. My oven is still stuck in the 70's (which is what makes it charming but also inconsistent) so I had my goodies bake for about 20 minutes. Oven temperatures vary - sort of like human temperaments - so I'd sneak a peak at around 16 minutes, just to be safe.


This is where I got inventive... I decided to mix my cream cheese frosting with apple cider spice. I was a little skeptical to try it, but my experiment worked out well. It is tasty and adds a little extra tang to your sweet treat. I also, spread the concoction on my cupcakes while they were still warm so it melted and made a cozy little glaze (which I adorned with cinnamon and almonds slivers), but you can cool them first if you prefer the richness of frosting. I think the frosting/glaze is the best - sort of like the scarf on top of the big buttoned fall jacket.


For a little added fun, listen to my favorite fall playlist on YouTube (below) or maybe put on some Etta James.

Enjoy, darlings!


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Oh, hello!
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