FFBC - Attachments Section 2 Discussion!


Welcome, Forest Friends, to our second week of reading Attachments!

We can't tell you beautiful people enough how exciting it is to read your posts; your connections and reactions to this novel are fantastic. We think there's one thing, so far, that we can all agree on:


Yes. Amen.

It's so hard to wait a week before reading again, especially with a book like this. AND CAN WE JUST TALK ABOUT CHAPTER 39 FOR A MINUTE AKA THE BEST PAGE OF THE BOOK SO FAR!?!


This week, we focused on Jennifer and Beth. Who do we like better? Will Lincoln ever meet them? Is Beth good for Lincoln? Let's break this down.

Jennifer vs Beth:

Sarah's thoughts - This is tough for me to choose, because I love both Beth and Jennifer so much. Despite only reading their conversations and not being able to see them doing things, it's not hard to know them. I can relate to each of them on some scale. First, I received my degree in Journalism - precisely what they do. I'm a bit younger than them, but it's still easy to relate to their stories. I think I relate to Beth a bit more than Jennifer. There was a bit in the book where Beth was talking about how she wanted to be married right out of college. I also wanted this when I started college. But, like Beth, it didn't happen for me. I think I understand Beth on a deeper level, but this does not mean I like her better. I simply cannot choose. Both women are quirky, clever and hilarious. Just wonderful characterization in this book.

Kaitlyn's thoughts - I like both of them. They're both crazy in their own ways and therefore totally perfect together. One of my favorite moments in the novel so far is in chapter 48 when they both finally confess to being each other's best friend. That is soooo accurate to real life. It's always big pressure to admit to someone that they're your best friend, and of course, it's a mutual feeling. I love those discoveries. Also, I relate to both of these women quite a bit. I worked at a newspaper for three years and this was my life! Also, I email two women ALL the time at work and now I'm just paranoid that someone is reading our emails. I hope they're as amusing as Beth and Jennifer's.

Our predictions for the last section:

Sarah's thoughts - I love how creepy/stalkery Beth is with Lincoln, not just the other way around. I think they are going to meet toward the end of the book. Originally, I assumed Beth would find out about Lincoln snooping on her emails and be completely put off. However, I now feel that if she finds out, she'll be embarrassed, but accept it, because she's being super lurky as well. It'll be an adorable story to tell the kids someday. I think Lincoln will be good for Beth and vice versa. Lincoln will help Beth see how strange her current boyfriend, Chris, is, and Beth will help Lincoln to grow up a bit.

Kaitlyn's thoughts - I just have a feeling that Rainbow is going to play with all of our feelings. Either a) They're going to meet and nothing will happen or b) They won't meet at all OR (what I think is the greatest possibility) c) They're going to meet on the VERY LAST PAGE! And we'll be so mad, but it'll be genius. Or, you know, maybe they'll meet in the next chapter. Who knows?!? Also, Chris is totally a goner. She needs to drop him like it's hot (but not in the attractive sense of the word).

Screen Shot 2013-10-15 at 8.13.41 PM

This week we'll be finishing the book! Yesssss! Our focus for the next post will be: Final thoughts! Did you like the book as a whole? Who ended up being your favorite character? Any qualms with the book? Tell us everything :)
Also, click here to read our co-host Hollis' post for this section!

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OR leave us a comment with any thoughts you have on the book so far.
Happy reading!

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