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Wait...it's over? Can you believe we're already done reading our first book for Forest Friends Book Club?! We can't!

*Ridiculous dance party ensues*

We can't say enough how pleased we are with how this has gone. We adore seeing all of your reactions and reading along with all of you wonderful people. SO WE'RE GOING TO DO IT AGAIN, OBVIOUSLY! But, first, our closing opinions on the novel:

We don't know about y'all, but our books were definitely filled with sticky notes marked on passages that made us feel things. Overall, we adored this book.

Main characters: We loved our three main characters - Beth, Lincoln and Jennifer. Even though we only saw Beth and Jennifer through their emails to each other, we really got to know them. And because the different POVs were done so well, we really got to know Lincoln as well. So often when authors write from different perspectives, it's easy to forget who is narrating a certain chapter. This wasn't the case with Attachments. Bravo, Rainbow Rowell. Also, each character was flawed, which made them so believable and relatable.

Secondary characters: Our favorite secondary character was absolutely Doris. She was Lincoln's friend when no one else was. She even inspired (and kind of forced) him to move out of his parents house. Doris was just adorable. We all need a Doris in our lives. Lincoln's sister, Eve, and  Lincoln's mom were also great characters. We saw both sides of the struggles of living at home - the awesome side where your mother feeds you and lets you live rent-free, and the nagging side, where your sister so desperately wants you to move out. It was good for Lincoln to have these forces pulling on him, and we think he made the right choice. Finally, we loved Lincoln's Dungeons & Dragons friends, specifically Dave and Christine. Lincoln's observations of the two made him, and us as readers, enjoy their company.

The worst character: Chris (obviously). "I love you too much to be with you" / "I'm never going to marry you" ... Chris, you're the biggest jerk. What an unlikable character. It make their breakup that much easier on us. Also, weren't we all rooting for Lincoln anyway?

SADNESS: When Jennifer lost her baby, we were shocked. For us, the most heartbreaking part of this novel was when Beth and Jennifer stopped emailing each other, and when they did, it was completely passive and strange. That definitely wasn't a conflict we were expecting. And when we found out it was because Jennifer lost her baby?!? Oh, dear. Thankfully, Jennifer did get her happy ending.

One thing we didn't like: Obviously the completely unbelievable ending. Yes, happy endings are wonderful and of course we were fangirling *wink* over this couple, but ... come on. That movie theater scene would NEVER happen in real life. We know the point of books is to have things that wouldn't happen in real life ... happen, but we didn't like it. We almost would find it more romantic if they sat there just holding hands. How cute would that have been?! It didn't need to be a full-fledged make-out session. We didn't expect that out of either character.

Overall opinion: Despite the minor theater scene set-back, we both adored this book. It was a wonderful 90s romance, filled with equally hilarious and touching bits. We love Rainbow Rowell's writing and it will be hard to wait until July for her next book to come out.

Sarah's rating: ★★★★★
Kaitlyn's rating: ★★★★☆ 

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First of all, click here to read Hollis' final thoughts on Attachments. Second of all, the next pick for our book club is Hollis' pick, and we'll be revealing it later today! Eeeep!

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