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This week, one of our new favorite bloggers, Beth over at Beauty In Beta tagged us in her post "Autumn Tag!" We think it's an adorable idea; it's like playing tag, but you actually want to be it. This is a little different for our blog, since we're not a "beauty blog" per se, but we had fun with it!

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Favorite thing about Autumn?
Kaitlyn: When the air initially gets all crisp and all you want to do is cuddle up with some wool socks, a book and apple cider.
Sarah: Warm knits! Scarves, hats, mittens <3
Favorite drink?

Kaitlyn: I have a few different ones because I'm indecisive: Tazo Pumpkin Chai Latte, just plain old warm apple cider, and my new obsession - hard cider. Yum.
Sarah: Ch-ch-ch-ch-chaiiiiiii.

Favorite scent?

Kaitlyn: Every fall/holiday scent ever! I love the warm smells of cinnamon, pumpkin, apple and vanilla. Bath & Body Works have the most wonderful candles. They just make me smile :)

Sarah: I think this maybe is supposed to mean, like, perfume scent. But I'm sticking with Kaitlyn's way of thinking. And I REALLY like the smell of burning leaves. Is that a fall thing?

Best lipstick?

Kaitlyn: In all honesty, I hardly ever wear lipstick. However, I never ever go anywhere without my peppermint Baby Lips.

Sarah: Dark lips!!!!!! I love Revlon Super Lustrous in Black Cherry. I also am loving purpley* lips. I recently purchased a Covergirl purple in the color Divine.


Go to moisturizer?

Kaitlyn: Every day I use Clean & Clear's Dual Treatment Moisturizer for my face. It fights acne and dry skin all in one!

Sarah: Moisturizer? Lawlzzzz. I'm probably breaking so many rules, but I don't use one. Every single one I've ever tried makes me break out. Maybe someone can recommend a good one?

Go to colors for the eyes?

Kaitlyn: These are kind of year-round colors for me - purples and browns.

Sarah: GOLD. Half Baked from the Urban Decay Naked Palette.

Favorite band/singer to listen to?

Kaitlyn: In the cold weather, it's all about warm voices. The one that immediately pops into my head is Micheal Buble. His Christmas album is everything you could ever want.

Sarah: A really cute guy who works at the Apple store came into the coffee shop I work at today and asked if I had any recommendations for his spooky playlist. All my mind could go to, amid trying not to stumble over my words, was The Head and The Heart's new album. It suits fall perfectly.

Favorite outfit to wear?

Kaitlyn: Dress, leggings, boots. Any combination of that is my favorite: ultimate warmth and comfort.

Sarah: My mustard yellow skinny corduroys. Swish, swish, swiiiish.
Autumn Treat?

Kaitlyn: Apple pie OR Pecan/Pumpkin pie.

Sarah: PUMPKIN PIE OR DIE. (Just trying to be a bit spooky. You know. For fall. Or maybe I just really love pumpkin pie.)

Favorite place to be?

Kaitlyn: At home, in front of the fire place.

Sarah: Somewhere where I can hike.

*"Purpley" is one of the best made up words. I'm betting it'll make it's way into the OED within the next five years.

We'd love to read your answers to these questions! If you want to participate in the tag, go right ahead! Be sure to either ping us back or link your post in comments so we can read it.

Oh, hello!

Oh, hello!
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