What's in K's Bag?


I am just always and forever inspired by Sarah, so when I saw Sarah's "What's In My Bag" post, I was inspired to do one as well.

Here is what's in one of my, what I like to call "teacher bags". This one is my favorite for one obvious reason--The Great Gatsby. At any given moment there are probably 394 things in my bags, but I took out all of the old receipts and gum wrappers just for you today. Let's take a tour of what's left, shall we?

1. My giant planner. I would be lost without it. Inside you'll find lesson plans and old classroom handouts.

2. Got my Ray-Bans on...but not really because they're on the ground. Those sunglasses are the best thing to come out of having eye insurance and not actually needing glasses.

3. Baby Lips. I swear by Baby Lips. My lips get insanely chapped in the wintertime so I always need to have chapstick with me.

4. My current read: Ready Player One  by Ernest Cline. I'm only on chapter two right now, but it's already super enthralling.

5. My state-of-the-art cellular device. I dream of the day that I own an apple product. Some day...

6. Sharpie Pens are gorgeous and all kinds of wonderful. They're my latest office supply obsession.

7. A Fossil wallet I got quite a long time ago, and it's still cute!

8. I never go anywhere without a notebook to write in. There's always inspiration around us and I never want to forget something that's inspired me.

Like Sarah said in her post, we'd love to see what's in your bag! Let us know if you decide to do a "What's In My Bag" post.  Ping us back or tell us in the comments below :)

Oh, hello!

Oh, hello!
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