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Here at The Duck & The Owl, we love Parks & Recreation. We may have blogged about it a few times. Only a few. The cast is perfect, the comedy is hilarious and the show makes me feel good. Never before have I wanted to work in a Parks Department more. Specifically in Pawnee, Indiana.

In case you're not an Eagleton hater, L'il Sebastian lover, waffle connoisseur or Snake Juice drinker, I'm here to let you know that Season 6 of Parks & Rec starts TOMORROW!!! I could not be more excited. My eagerness is equal to how I feel on Christmas Eve. I'm so ready to click on NBC at 7 p.m. tomorrow and become engrossed in TWO new episodes of the most perfect show ever. To celebrate this monumental moment, I created a quiz for all of you!

I was reading a blog the other day that said something along the lines of "create things that make you happy." So, I did that. Making this quiz made me giddy inside, and I'm even more giddy to share it with all of you. Also, I'm insanely proud of it.

Some tips before taking this quiz:
-Click the quiz to enlarge it so it can be seen better. I've noticed Wordpress really lowers photo quality. It looks better when it's larger.
-For those of you who don't identify as female, I'm sorry there are no men in this quiz. Perhaps a 'Which Parks & Rec dude are you?' quiz is in order in the future.
-If you don't watch the show, you can probably tell that this post is highly P&R-inside-joke orientated. So is the quiz. It could be fun anyway, though :)
-Try not to peek at the Results before taking the quiz, as to not sway your answers!
-You know how to take quizzes! Why am I even telling you these things?!

Here it is:

[caption id="attachment_2334" align="alignnone" width="560"]Click to enlarge :) Click to enlarge :)[/caption]

I'm off to sew an Adobe Master badge on my Pawnee Goddesses vest, play a Duke Silver record, frame my newest picture of Hillary Clinton and maybe get ready super early for Galentines Day, all leading up to the Season 6 premier!

So, which Parks & Recreation gal are you? Leave it in the comments!

Oh, hello!

Oh, hello!
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