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We are sitting watching a football game we don't care about (the Packers already played) eagerly awaiting the red carpet of the Emmy Awards. Sarah is wearing a red piece by YSL and Kaitlyn is wearing a green and gold garment by Michael Kors. We're ready to be the envy of our shag carpet. Tonight we shall be live-blogging our reactions and thoughts, so check back on this post regularly. Join the conversation and leave your comments below!

6:55 - This football game isn't over and we swear if we miss NPH's opening act we'll cry and throw the TV out the window a la Bradley Cooper in Silver Lining's Playbook. To the football player who had an "injury", we see right through you; you're just trying to buy some time. You should be awarded an Emmy for that performance.

6:58 - Julianna Margulies, we like your dress, but it's very YA paranormal romance book cover.

Our top three best-dressed women so far: Kaley Cuoco, Constance Zimmer and Kiernan Shipka. Who are you liking so far?

Worst dressed:
We're sorry, Lena, but this is bad.

7:00 - They're finally starting!!!! We're loving NPH's title sequence! So creative.

7:08 - Neil Patrick Harris, we ADORE your maroon suit coat.

7:15 - "Take your pants off!" "Work that twerk!" Oh Amy and Tina, we love you more than anyone else in the audience.


Outstanding Supporting Actress In A Comedy Series goes to Merritt Weaver! Short and sweet acceptance speech - "I gotta go, bye." Hilarious.

7:25 - Tina Fey, we love you. We promise not to say that too many times.

7:27 - The Deschanel sisters are absolutely beautiful.

Outstanding Supporting Actor In A Comedy Series goes to Tony Hale! Neither of us has seen Veep, but we love him on Arrested Development. Really sweet acceptance speech.

7:30 - Jon Hamm looks awful. We didn't even think that was possible!

Outstanding Lead Actress In A Comedy Series goes to Julia Louis-Dreyfus. NOOO!!!!! Amy got robbed :(

Outstanding Lead Actor In A Comedy Series goes to Jim Parsons! Hilarious and sincere acceptance speech.


8:03 - COME ON JESSICA LANGE YOU GOT THIS! All these actresses are fantastic, though.

8:04 - Laura Linney won. NOOOOOOOO :( :( :( :( :( JESSICA WAS ROBBED (we promise to no longer use that phrase).

8:11 - NPH has EHD. Classic. Also, we hope Josh Radnor writes/directs another movie soon. Ahhh, the cast of HIMYM is perfect.

Outstanding Supporting Actress In A Drama Series goes to Anna Gunn. Looks like we need to start watching Breaking Bad. Now that's a show we could get addicted to. Heh heh.

8:17 - Jane Lynch, you strong woman. These "In Memoriam" pieces are really touching and well done.

8:25 - We knew NPH wouldn't let us down. Loving this musical number. Nathan Fillion from Firefly and Sarah Silverman? Yes.


8:28 - MINDY!!!

Outstanding Reality-Competition Program goes to The Voice. Huh!

8:37 - Kerry Washington, we adore your dress.

65th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards - Arrivals

Outstanding Supporting Actor In A Drama Series goes to Bobby Cannavale. We've never heard of you, but we like your suit and face.

Outstanding Lead Actor In A Drama Series goes to Jeff Daniels. Bummer, we were really rooting for Jon Hamm, but we do want to start watching Newsroom.

8:42 - Is it just us or are they turing on the music super early during this show?

8:48 - Carrie, please stop shouting the lyrics to "Yesterday".

Outstanding Lead Actress In A Drama Series goes to Claire Danes. Cool, cool.

9:00 Jim Parsons and Bob Newhart ... collective "aweeeeeeee!" Standing ovation for Bob Newhart! This is the cutest thing ever.


9:19 - That dance montage was the BEST part of the WHOLE NIGHT!!! SO AWESOME!!!!!

9:20 - Travis Wall totally should have won. :(

Outstanding Variety Series goes to The Colbert Report.

9:33 - Anna Faris and Allison Janney both look wonderful and bright!

9:49 - Ellen Burstyn has the best grandma voice.

9:53 - So many commercials. Too many commercials.

9:56 - Who else saw that Matt Damon/Michael Douglas bromance hug?!

10:04 - Wait, where's Meryl?

Outstanding Comedy Series goes to Modern Family!!! Yay! :) Awesome acceptance speech.

The Final Award - Outstanding Drama Series goes to Breaking Bad. Ok, we really need to start watching this show.


Overall, most of the people we wanted to win didn't, but it was still an enjoyable show. What did you think? Were any of your favorites robbed? Thanks for joining us on this liveblogging adventure! See ya at the Golden Globes!

Oh, hello!

Oh, hello!
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