Theme Week: October


It's Theme Week again! The theme for this month's week? Falling!

Feel free to interpret the theme as literally or loosely as wanted. Some ideas for the week:
-What are your favorite things about fall? (show us - take pictures/create a graphic!)
-Are you one of those people who despise fall? Are there people like that? Tell us why!
-Show us your fall essentials, be it clothes, books, movies, music, etc.
-Create a fall playlist
-Create a fall booklist
-Create a fall must-watch list
-Do you have a favorite/perfect fall recipe? Make it and take pictures so we can try it.
-Tell us about your worst fall (as in, falling down - we did say you could interpret it as loosely as you wanted ;)
-Any idea you have!

We'd love your help with theme week. Want to contribute? Do you have any posts about autumn? We’d love to see them! Email us at

See our Contributor Page for more guidelines on submitting.

Oh, hello!

Oh, hello!
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