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By: Sarah

There are two things for which I will never forgive my mother. The first, that she threw away my movie ticket stubs collected from 2003-2009. That's six years of movies down the drain. Or, more accurately, in the garbage. The second, that she never bought me sparkly red Dorothy shoes when I was a little girl.

I like to tease my mom a lot, so when she does something not to my liking, I often bring up one of those two occurrences.

"Wow, Mom, first you threw away my ticket stubs and now this!?"
"Mom, look at that adorable blonde-haired girl over there! See her shoes? Remember when you never bought me Dorothy shoes?"

Things like that. Harmless fun, just to remind her that's she's an awesome mom, besides those two instances.

Today, I've forgiven her for the latter.

About a week ago, my mom finally bought me red sparkly Dorothy shoes. And they're TOMS. Which makes me double excited.

DSC_1078blurrymeinshoesI'm not sure what it is that made me want these shoes so badly for the first 23 years of my life. It's not like I'm super in love with The Wizard of Oz. Maybe it's the nostalgia that comes with these shoes, loving that they're typically for ages 4-8, but proudly wearing them anyway. Maybe it's the fact that every time I wear them, I'm going to think of my mom and smile. Maybe it's being able to transport myself to a different world, a different story, much like a book would do.

Or maybe it's just that they're red and sparkly.


Well, I'm off to go recreate The Wizard of Oz with my Barbies and pick on my mom for throwing away my movie stubs. Stay sparkly.

Oh, hello!

Oh, hello!
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