My Celebrity BFFs

By: Sarah

As much as I love fantasizing about going on a date with Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Adam Scott (at the same time), I also love picturing myself hanging out with my favorite female celebs, bff-style. Whether going shopping all day or eating at some hip vegetarian restaurant, I can totally see myself getting along with these ladies, because I'm not only inspired by them, but also they all seem so down-to-earth and relatable.

1. Jennifer Lawrence (no surprise there)
What we'd do: This woman is all-together awesome. Have you ever watched an unscripted video of her? Hilarious. And she talks a lot about how she loves food. Like, all the time. So, we'd definitely get something to eat together. It doesn't matter what, I'm sure she'd like anything.
Why we'd be BFFs: Like I said before, J Law seems like the most down-to-earth celebrity of them all. She's humbled by her awards and just really, really funny. Those are two qualities I can definitely get behind and look for in a friend.
Why I adore her: The real question is, who doesn't adore Jennifer Lawrence? Besides the reasons above, she seems like a genuinely nice person, like someone who will take pictures with and be thankful for her fans throughout her entire career. Plus, she's been in some awesome movies that have shown off her immense and diverse acting talents.

2. Aubrey Plaza
What we'd do: To me, Aubrey seems a bit dark, like maybe she's into some supernatural type stuff. I, too, enjoy that type of stuff occasionally. So maybe we'd play with a Ouija board or something. If she's not into that, and I'm completely off, then we'd play video games.
Why we'd be BFFs: I think we'd balance each other out well. She can be the hilarious, quieter one, and I'll be the less-hilarious, louder one. Match made in heaven.
Why I adore her: This girl is awkward. And I don't think she just plays awkward characters, I think she actually is. I like that. She makes it ok for other people to seem awkward and to be who they are.

3. Anna Kendrick
What we'd do: Spend the whole day reading her Tweets and thinking of other hilarious tidbits to tweet. Have y'all ever gone to Anna Kendrick's Twitter? You won't be let down.
Why we'd be BFFs: I feel like Anna Kendrick is pretty weird. I also think I'm pretty weird. We'd click over our weirdness.
Why I adore her: I've loved every movie she has been in so far (that I've seen). I also love her singing voice. Who knew she was a double threat? Maybe we'll see some other sides to her soon? Anna, if you want to write a book, don't hesitate!

4. Mindy Kaling
What we'd do: Nothing. I'd just sit there and have her tell me funny stories. Or we could spend all day talking about BJ Novak and how they are meant to be together, and then she'd tell me they're secretly dating, they're just not ready to go public about it. Or we'd go shopping.
Why we'd be BFFs: We could totally share clothes and gossip all day long. Really, what else does a friendship need?
Why I adore her: I feel like a broken record here, but Mindy Kaling is hilarious. I love her acting and her book and her TV show and everything about her. She's got great style and seems to have a great personality. Also, she's beautiful in a less conventional way; she's not afraid to not be a size zero. Basically, she's currently in my number one spot for celebrity BFF, and I either want to be best friends with her or just be her.

I could gush about these four women for hours. Literally. But I'll stop myself.

Feel free to leave a comment telling me who you'd like as your celebrity BFF. I'd love to know :)

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Oh, hello!
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