How Frankie Avalon Stole My Heart in Five Simple Movies

By: Tenley

My dearest Duck&Owl-ers and Duck&Owl-erettes, it’s almost fall, and I’m elated, but first, let’s enjoy the last few days of summer together! So, grab your swimsuits, your surfboard, your big hair and join me in…

(Drum roll please)

…the groovy world of Frankie Avalon. Here it’s always summer, always sunny, and someone is always singing along to a story about some corny high-jinx and equally obnoxious true teen love. It’s time for a Beach Party and who better to spend it with this dreamy dude? *swoon*

Here he is with his beautiful partner in crime, Annette Funicello.

(Note: These movies are ridiculous, cheesy, and I’d almost say border on tacky. But that is what makes them SO undeniably good. As you watch them, soak up the imaginary sun and the pure silliness of every minute. Allow yourself to just sit and smile at it all.)

  1. Beach Party
    This is the first official beach movie and a must watch! Here are some teasers: A crazy professor studying the sexual habits of teens, a goony gang of motorcycling bad boys, dancing, and oh so much more!
    Just Watch: click here.

  2. Beach Blanket Bingo
    Are you in love yet? If not you will be soon. This movie might be the most popular of the group. The songs are catchy, the romance is steamy, the dancing is sensational, oh, and there is a mermaid.
    Watch this: click here.

  3. How to Stuff a Wild Bikini
    Let’s just say things get even crazier this summer at the beach. Throw in a witch doctor, even more surfers, twice the romance drama, and and invisible beach babe! Yeah, it’s just that good.
    Check it out: click here.

  4. Ski Party
    So even though this one isn’t exactly a beach movie, it’s my favorite of the group. Maybe it’s because of the Some Like it Hot cross-dressing connections or the fact that there is a giant skiing polar bear. But everything in this movie is golden.
    Ready for a thrill? click here

  5. Grease
    Okay, so this isn’t a beach movie either and it doesn’t “star” Frankie. But did you know he is the Teen Angel in Grease? Oh, I’d be his beauty school dropout any day.
    Here is some Teen Angel goodness for you: click here.

Let me know what silly movies fill your day with Sunshine, Lollipops, and Rainbows in the comments section! :)

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