Dinosaurs, Serenity and Pretty Floral Bonnets: Firefly Love

By: Kaitlyn

Everyone knows the epic space-western television show Firefly was the best cancelled show of all time. The almost automatic reaction every time someone mentions the show is to say, “WHY OH WHY was it cancelled?!” (Same thing with Veronica Mars, obviously).

And yes, I’m sad that the show was cancelled. I have to be honest and say that I didn’t actually watch the show when it was on television. [I watched it for the first time two years ago because I’m a huge Star Wars , sci-fi and Nathan Fillion fan, and I still hadn’t seen it.]

But, in a way, the cancellation of this show is what makes this show so perfect. The fan-base lives on, the movie lives on; much like how Mal and Zoe continued being awesome even after they were defeated by the Alliance. Hmmm…

Yes, it’s sad that the show was cancelled, but the season that we had was pure perfection. The movie? Even more perfection. I frankly, couldn’t have asked for anything more and won’t. Firefly is great the way it is, there’s no need for more.

That being said, this show has taught me a lot about life and a lot about how to be a good writer. So here’s what I’ve learned from Joss Whedon and the Serenity family:

1. It’s okay to be yourself.

One of my fav.or.ite. scenes from the whole show is when you first meet Wash. He’s playing with his toy dinosaurs stating, “Ah! Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!” before he’s called to save lives.

Not only does this sound like something you’d hear in a Vlogbrothers video, it made me feel normal to think that there’s nothing cooler than to play with dinosaur action figures. Hello childhood! (and adulthood…)



2. How to do characters right.

Whedon is the master of making you fall madly in love with every single one of his characters. I recently sat Sarah down for a Firefly intervention, and after the first episode Sarah said, “Wow. I’m already invested in these characters.”

Yup. That’s the Whedon magic. Whedon has a magic equation of wit, quirkiness, and mystery to each one of his characters that just pulls you in. Even if you don’t particularly like a character, you can’t help yourself from loving them.

3. Sci-fi is an approachable genre.

Some people are intimidated by sci-fi; maybe they think that this genre is only for “smart” people and “geeks.” Firefly has a knack for enticing viewers of all backgrounds and all interests. I really appreciate that.

4. I am Kaylee Frye.

I think that everyone has that one fictional character that they read or see and they think, “Holy crap, it’s me.” And I know that it’s kind of weird to feel that; egotistical in some way. Like, you can’t think that you’re just like a cool fictional character, gosh! But, I don’t care; I feel like I have that connection with Kaylee. And I know I’m not crazy in thinking that, either.  I remember watching Firefly for the first time with one of my friends and he just turned to me and said, “She is you.”

It’s kind of fun to have that bond with a character and I truly feel that everyone has (at least) one Soul Character. Maybe we’ll write more on that later. *cough* *cough*

5. Being “good” doesn’t have to be perfect.

Yes, the crew of Serenity are the “good guys” in the story. But that doesn’t mean that they’re perfect human beings. Sure, Jayne would much rather get drunk and shoot some things than save people, but he’s still a genuine guy. We don’t have to be perfect; we just have to be genuine in our actions.

6. Joss Whedon and Feminism.

7. One liners are the best liners.

I could go on and on about Firefly. I could fangirl about Simon, I could gush over Serenity and I could write countless literary analysis essays about themes and symbols.But I won’t bore you with that. I’ll leave you with this thought:

If you haven’t watched Firefly yet, do yourself a favor and get started on that now. I’m excited to hear what you think!

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Oh, hello!
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