Why I Feel Bad for Sharks

By: Kaitlyn

I feel bad for sharks. They really have a bad reputation. They’re always depicted as evil man-eating beasts with the biggest teeth of all time and an attitude to match. The news is everywhere: they’re evil.

I was reading a children’s book about sea creatures the other day (cause that’s just what I do), and a line in that book goes: “The dolphins are friendly/the lobsters are fierce/but the shark is most dangerous by far.”

I mean, yes. I’m scared of them. If I see a picture or video of a shark my heart literally skips. So Shark Week? Heart attack waiting to happen. But still, I feel bad for them. They’re pretty cool.

I used to be obsessed with sharks, Jaws was my favorite movie. I don’t know what happened since the days of drawing scenes of Jaws  in seven-year-old fan-art. I’ve been to aquariums where sand tiger sharks swim above you and it was AWESOME. But still…those photos of great white sharks getting ready to eat you are terrifying.

This leads me to believe that sharks really do have a bad rep, because maybe society played a role in my fear of sharks.

Yes. Sharks attack occasionally. On average, 11 people die each year from shark attacks. And can we really blame sharks? We are swimming in their ocean, and how do they know that we’re not just another seal bobbing in the water? It’s like when you’re eating trail mix and you’re looking for a piece of chocolate, but accidentally grab a raisin instead.

Sharks are awesome creatures and in honor of shark week, here are some great and loving representations of sharks in pop culture.

Oh, hello!

Oh, hello!
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