What I Learned About Myself from my First Internship

By: Sarah

As my first real internship (at Face Forward) comes to a close, of course there are a few things I've learned about myself.

1. In the process of so desperately trying to become independent, I think I actually did become independent without realizing it. I've always been a highly dependent person; most of my immediate family is this way. From a young age, I always wanted to try new things with someone else. It made me feel safer. But this summer, I just did things. I didn't ask anyone to do them with me. If I wanted to do them, I did. It was cool.

2. I'm extremely introverted. I spent a lot of time alone this summer because mostly everyone I knew lived about half an hour away or had to work daily. I never got annoyed by spending so much time with myself. I think I've always known I was introverted, but was clinging to the identity of extrovert. Either way, I'm happy to be me.

3. I feel most inspired when I surround myself with people who care about art and creating. Never before had I been part of a community like this. It was encouraging that every person I met through my internship cared about what my favorite band was or how long it takes me to write an honest paragraph of prose. I didn't have to sit around waiting for inspiration because I was engulfed in an ocean of it.

4. Minneapolis is not the city for me. I loved my internship, but I wish it would have been in a different city. While I enjoyed my time there, I know that the Twin Cities area is not where I want to end up. The people there are wonderful, but I never connected with the city.

5. I like writing about art, dance, music, etc. At one point during my internship, I was so nervous to write about an event I had attended that I Googled, "how to write about dance." Now, I feel comfortable describing movement - be it of the body or a paintbrush. This internship pushed me to write outside of my comfort zone, outside of what I know, which is breaking one of the first rules of writing (write what you know). I found by doing this, I expanded my mind and my repertoire as a writer and journalist.

6. Getting out of my comfort zone always yields the best results. This whole summer revolved around this idea.


Oh, hello!

Oh, hello!
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