The Story of The Duck and The Owl

So you’re probably wondering: Who on earth are these two girls at The Duck and The Owl and why do they have a blog together?

Yes, we do have an about page. But we want to tell you the story of how we met, who we are, the story of our friendship, and all of the sunshine and daisies in between.

The year was 2010. We both signed up to work as camp counselors at a camp we both attended as children. Sarah had already worked there for a summer and Kaitlyn was a newbie, so the camp assigned Sarah to be Kaitlyn’s mentor and “camp buddy”.

And so you could say that we were brought together by an arranged friendship.

It began with insanely polite Facebook conversations with the awkward, but necessary questions of “Where do you go to school”, “What are some of your hobbies”, “Do you like Harry Potter”? It wasn’t long until we realized that we basically liked the same exact things: writing, journalism, movies, reading, theater, etc.

frog2Finally, we met face to face at camp along with the 20–some other counselors we would be working with that summer. Kaitlyn immediately saw Sarah as not just the nice person on the other side of a Facebook message, but an insanely cool girl who wore fearless outfits and listened to awesome music, the kind of woman that you just want to be friends with. But Kaitlyn was still in her “I’m new and shy” phase to do anything about it. Then she killed a frog.

Don’t worry, it wasn’t a real frog. The moment Kaitlyn violently killed that pretend frog during a role-playing activity, Sarah knew that 1. It was kind of terrifying, 2. But hilarious, 3. Kaitlyn was pretty crazy and that made her pretty cool, 4. And she definitely wanted to get to know her better.

We weren’t the closest friends among counselors until we had a dream week together with two other awesome friends that consisted of Starbucks runs, Dawson’s Creek marathons, endless photo shoots and late-night star-gazing. It was then that we just knew we had a relationship that was special. It was a friendship that wouldn’t just dwindle away after the summer was over, but one that would hold strong and grow even stronger as the years went on.

We worked at camp together for two and a half consecutive summers. And those summers were magical (most of the time) and challenging (some of the time). It was those magical and challenging moments that worked their way into our friendship and binded us together like an invisible friendship bracelet.

Camp is a funny place – you live and work with people for an entire summer(s), but you lose touch completely with some of the people you spent so much time with. We were lucky to never lose that camp-bond. Thank God for the Internet.

Some of our best times happened at camp, like accidentally kissing each other in front of a bunch of campers or spending a whole day with lightning bolt marker-scars on our foreheads when the last Harry Potter movie came out. And some of our best times happened outside of camp, like dressing up as zombie hipsters for Halloween, having all-day adventures in Milwaukee or accidentally sitting in wet grass to take a cute photo together. The photo turned out cute, but our pants weren’t as successful.

For the past three years (it feels like we’ve been friends so much longer), we have been long-distance besties, only physically seeing each other maybe six times a year, if we’re lucky. Somehow, we’ve managed to stay close. Nowadays, we blog together, and we think this has definitely brought us even closer.

This fall, we’ll finally be living within 15 minutes of each other, and we can’t wait! We’re already planning road trips (to Allie’s wedding!!!), coffee outings and movie marathons. And did you hear Ellen DeGeneres is hosting the Oscars? We’re pumped. Ellen themed Oscar party anyone? (Basically it’ll be us in stripped shirts and Converse, screaming every time Joseph Gordon-Levitt comes on screen.) Maybe we’ll start a book club or climb a mountain or kill some more imaginary frogs. Whatever it is, we’re excited to be close-distance besties.


Sarah and Kaitlyn

Oh, hello!

Oh, hello!
We're Sarah and Kaitlyn, roommates from Milwaukee who started this blog to promote creativity and life.
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