Sunshine Daises Butter Mellow


Today there were no rats to turn yellow. BUT there were used book sales to be scavenged and farmer's markets to be explored.

We are so excited because our long-distance relationship is FINALLY OVER! We now live within miles of each other. To celebrate we spent the day getting some books, veggies, and cooking delicious things.

En route to the farmer's market, we ran across our favorite thing: a used book sale. We searched through the stacks and laughed at the romance novels and found some gems including "Night" by Elie Wiesel and "The Accidental" by Ali Smith.


The farmer's market smelled like everything delicious and we were greeted by adorable vendors, friendly passerbys and most importantly, dogs. We gathered up some veggies picked completely based off of their colors-peppers, red onions, and the biggest zucchini in all the land.


At home we made sandwiches and zucchini bread (it was so moist and succulent *cringe*).

It isn't always important to do extravagant things every day, sometimes the best days are made up of cheap produce, made-up recipes, and love.



What's your favorite thing to buy at farmer's markets? *leave it in the comments*

Oh, hello!

Oh, hello!
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