Little Bits

By: Tenley

Little bits of me are lost
Parts of me gone missing,
It’s like a misplaced memory
Of an old man reminiscing.

I’m hollow on the inside
And bitter on the out.
I’m afraid to let you see me now
This shell of vast doubt.

The world is spinning cock-eyed
And your eyes also confused
“Who is this girl I used to know,
This woman feeling bruised?”

Tell me “It’s beautiful.”
Tell me “It’s necessary.”
Tell me “You’ve got it in you.”
I’ll simply tell you “It’s scary.”

And it’s all this change
That’s so terrifying.
Because who will hold me
When my own arms are defying?

I don’t know my left from my right,
Or my mind from my feet.
Directions are pointless now
And maps obsolete.

Truth be told,
I will be just fine.
The head on my shoulders
Is sturdy and aligned.

There is always a new day
And deep down I know it’s nearing
Something around the corner
A something worth this tearing.

But today,
That something’s hidden
Entirely covered
Almost forbidden.

And I’m desperate to find it
To place it on my shelf
To find that misplaced version
The better version of myself.

Oh, hello!

Oh, hello!
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