Kindness Across the Midwest

By: Sarah and Kaitlyn (and Jen!

It’s funny how the Internet brings people together. Growing up, our parents told us not to talk to strangers online, for fear of them being creepy stalkers. While this is a real fear, Wordpress has a way of connecting people. This week, we connected with apartment-wife, also known as Jen.

We clicked with her right away. An instant-e-bff, Jen does a lot of what she calls Random Acts of Happiness (check out the links, a smile is inevitable). So, when she asked us if we wanted to do a possible collaboration, we knew we wanted to participate in an RAH.

The challenge: Bake sugar cookies and then decorate them with strangers.

The contenders: The three of us. Jen did the RAH in Minnesota, while we did it in Wisconsin. (We’d love to expand this even further across the Midwest!)

The preparation: Two dozen sugar cookies, pink frosting and rainbow sprinkles in hand, we ventured out to Veterans Park in Milwaukee. A hot day, we picked a nice picnic table in the shade. We set up a sign encouraging people to join us and created our own version of frosting bags. Everything looked and tasted delicious.


The results: It sounds like an easy task, but weirdly enough, it wasn’t.

We shouted out to adorable families checking out the view of the marina, and adorable couples riding on bikes, but none of them wanted to decorate with us. Don’t get us wrong; we did get a lot of smiles. One especially kind lady rode past us on her bike three times, and each time she made sure to tell us that it was “A good idea”, and “Awww that’s sweet”, and “good for you!” Unfortunately, she had somewhere to be and couldn’t decorate with us.


We sat at the picnic table for almost two hours, but no takers. Jen had a similar experience of waiting and waiting for someone to take her up on the offer.  Is it that people are weary of strangers? Or is it that people don’t think they have the time for small moments of happiness in their life?

Eventually some strangers embraced the happiness from Jen and everything was a success.

Seeing as how we didn’t complete the mission at hand, we decided to edit it; we still needed to spread happiness! To do this, we took the cookies we had left over, decorated them and placed them on picnic tables throughout the park with uplifting notes attached.


The lesson: In the end, it was still a successful day. Although things didn’t go 100% according to plan, we still made a few people smile and hopefully will continue those smiles with discoveries of cookies. And that’s what really matters. It doesn’t matter if we touch a hundred people, if we can make one person smile, then it’s worth it.

Also, as we were leaving the park we even experienced a small act of kindness from someone else in the form of a nice smile from a cute, shirtless stranger…


We’re so excited to have met each other through the wacky world of the internet and hope/know that this is only the beginning of great e-bffness. We will continue to spread Random Acts of Kindness throughout the Midwest, America, and the world. And we invite you to join us. Let’s spread a little happiness together.

The internet is a great place to instantly connect with total strangers—maybe it’s easier than meeting strangers through cookies.


Oh, hello!

Oh, hello!
We're Sarah and Kaitlyn, roommates from Milwaukee who started this blog to promote creativity and life.
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