For the Love of Brothers

By: Kaitlyn and Sarah

We both have these smelly, sometimes evil, sometimes annoying, never-clean-up-after-themselves things living in our houses. They eat all the food, constantly play video games and always leave the toilet seat up. And they’re related to us. Our brothers.

Kaitlyn has two of them (she’s actually a triplet – the middle child), and Sarah has one younger brother. Both of us are not currently living with our brothers, and we miss them. Only separated by one state, they still feel a whole world away.


When I was six, I wished and prayed and hoped for a sister. I got a brother. Today, is his 17th birthday, and I can’t 1097410_10200112828375842_404749206_nbelieve it. I have loved him so much for the past 17 years and never once wished he was a sister. Phillip is my favorite person on the whole planet – I even like him more than all the Harry Potter cast combined. He’s my best friend.

I recently saw a new side to Phillip. Our grandmother passed away in June. She was so special to both Phil and me. I gave a eulogy at her funeral and when I came back to my seat, he was sobbing. I’d never seen him so vulnerable. We held on tight to each other for the rest of the funeral. It was his embrace that kept me a little more calm.

I wish I had more money and could buy him a proper birthday present, but I’m a broke college-grad, so this will have to 983520_10200112828415843_1695859105_ndo. Flipper, I love you so much. I can’t wait to see you graduate from high school. And I can’t wait to see you in person in a few weeks. You’re lucky I didn’t tell an embarrassing story on here, because trust me, I’ve got tons.



 Kyle & Matthew

I literally did everything with my brothers growing up; it was kind of hard not to, we were inseparable. We played football and swam in the pool for hours. We created our own television show with our action figures called Anidigimon (it even had its own theme song, but I won’t embarrass myself further). We put on shows for our parents. I was married to both of my brothers in different stage productions (I still don’t know what the directors were thinking). We wrote our first books together. We started a film production company. We experienced our first video games together. And created our own line of cars. Darn, we were ambitious kids.

I haven’t been away from Matthew for more than a month before; we even went to college together and lived across the hall from each other. He’s the reason why I believe/know that telepathy exists among twins. We always seem to know exactly what we’re thinking and feeling. He’s a super talented guy and recently moved to Minneapolis to start his career. I might be a little biased, but I know he’s going to do awesome things (check out his website). But, I still miss him like crazy. He finally landed a real-life apartment in the city and I wish more than the world that I could be there to move him in this weekend. But life always seems to get in the way of life. I know I’ll see him soon and I can’t wait.

Neither of us know what it’s like to have a sister (good thing we have each other). But we know how crazy and cool it can be to have brothers.  They’re not only the best friends we’ll ever have; they inspire us each and every day with their strength, talents, and generosity.

We love you guys.

Oh, hello!

Oh, hello!
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