Fantasy Fiction Face-Off: Round 2! Ding!


Here it is! Round 2 of our Fantasy Fiction Face-Off: YA Edition. Our search is underway for the ultimate Young Adult novel.

Young adult literature often gets thrown under the bus and incorrectly assumed to be strictly for teenagers. This is FAR from true. These books are placed in the Young Adult genre because their protagonists are teenagers. That's it. There is so much value in this genre whether you're a young adult or not; the themes, the words, the trials and triumphs are applicable to everyone.

We introduced this face-off last week and your votes are in. Thank you to everyone who participated. The results are below! Who made it? Did your favorite already get nixed? Are you upset? Are you adding books to your already too long "To Be Read" list just like we are?

[caption id="attachment_1817" align="alignnone" width="560"]fffroster2 ^ Click to enlarge![/caption]

Keep the votes coming! You have until next Friday (September 6 - September already? Oy vey!) to vote. There are some majorly brutal battles in this round so we wish luck to them all. May the best book win!

To read more of a description on the books, click back to our first round and simply click on the book covers.

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Oh, hello!
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