Classically Minded Suggests 'Pillow Talk'

Sometimes your classically minded heart is roaming about the world and then BAM! It happens. You make a new friend who has never seen a classic film. What is a movie lover to do? Take matters into your own hands and invite them over for a movie night.

Okay, so it happens more often than not that my friends don’t watch old movies. But I love them. So over the years I have turned to my fail-safe classic film introductory movie. No, it’s not one of AFI’s 100 Years.... 100 Movies. I don’t start them off with Gone With the Wind or even Casablanca. My choice is the 1959 sex-comedy Pillow Talk starring Doris Day and Rock Hudson.

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Here is a list of reasons:

  1. People have an issue with black and white films. Especially if they haven’t watched a classic. Don’t let this get you down. People generally need to work up to those films. Start with this colorful CinemaScope.

  2. It’s visually and sartorially pleasing to the eye. The colors, New York, Doris Day’s apartment, her wardrobe, Rock Hudson…

  3. They don’t talk too fast. I’m a HUGE Gilmore Girl, but not everyone has the patience to try to understand every word of the screwball comedies I love from the 30s and 40s.

  4. The storyline is hilarious. Day and Hudson share a party line and tension ensues. However, once Rock sees the other half of his party line in the flesh, he decides to woo her and pretend to be a Texan visiting the big city. We all know how this will end.

If you’re still concerned that they won’t warm to the classics easily, watch the 2003 comedy Down With Love. It’s a very similar story to Pillow Talk and when they laugh along to Ewan McGregor and Renee Zellweger they are just one step (or a few decades) away from the original bedroom comedies.


Good luck dear readers!


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