They're playing our song

By: Sarah

There's something so endearing about having a song with another human being. That single song is a semi-tangible definition of an intangible bond. Every time it comes on the radio, iTunes or a record player, it's like magic. Of course it's cranked up as loud as possible. Or maybe it's played softly, allowing the listener to take in every lyric and cadence. I think "our songs" are generally deemed as romantic, however, there are more kinds than that.

The Friendship Our Song
These are the songs that are played whenever friends are together. They're constantly changing based on what is on the radio, usually. Fun and catchy, these songs don't necessarily have a deep meaning to the friendship other than to get yo dance on! These are the songs that are captured on video being lip-synced to. These are the songs put on every mix CD because they're just not played enough on the radio. These are the songs that will put a smile across the face of any listener for years to come when hearing them. If you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my friends, make it last forever, friendship never ends....

431067_10150498254720778_1042421205_nThe Best Friend Our Song
This song is a little more specific. It usually a song one party hears, shares with the other party (or parties), and there is this instant knowing that this song is perfect. Whenever one person hears it, they call the other person just to let them know. Lyrics from the song are posted on each other's Facebook. If there's a music video, each person has seen it dozens of times. I feel like this song usually isn't too popular, but more of a hidden gem just waiting to be played so it could be in the lives of best friends forever.

The Romantic Our Song
I've only have one of these. It was a cover of A-ha's "Take On Me" by A.C. Newman. Listening to it now, I giggle and wonder why it was ever chosen. I think romantic our songs can be super hokey. But, if chosen carefully, they can actually mean something. It's like an all-encompassing definition of love, jam-packed into a three minute song. Maybe it's a song that was traded on a mix tape. Or maybe the couple heard it together and instantly knew. Either way, if the relationship lasts, it's definitely getting played at the wedding.

I like "our songs" and think they can create wonderful memories. Whenever I hear one, I get a large smile on my face and start dancing (horribly) and singly (loudly and badly). Also, if there are any men out there interested (I'm mostly joking, but hey, just putting a plug out), here are some perfect our songs:

What are some of your "our songs"? Leave a comment :)

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Oh, hello!
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