Saying Goodbye Too Soon: Cory Monteith

By: Kaitlyn

Yesterday morning, I was greeted by my dad with a sad look on his face.

“I hate to be the bearer of bad news,” he said and handed me the news story whose headline said: “CORY MONTEITH FOUND DEAD AT AGE OF 31.”

I was completely crushed.

The second I saw the preview for GLEE my freshman year of college, I knew that I was going to totally love it: high school, singing, drama, what’s not to love?

But the show proved to be so much more than that to me. I was a die-hard “Gleek” the first two seasons of the show and still think that the first season is one of televisions finest, I really do. Since then, although I’ve stopped watching it because the drama was getting a little out of hand, I’ve always had a special place in my heart for this show.

It was a show that taught every viewer that they were worthy, talented, and deserved to be loved. It tackled brave topics for television at the time from homosexuality to teenage pregnancy. Nothing made me cry like an end-of-the-episode-dramatic-piano-music glee moment.

The characters were what made the show and Cory played one of those fantastic characters, Finn. Finn was a character that defied all odds (lack of dancing skills) and social norms to do what he wanted to do. He showed viewers that you didn’t have to do something because it was expected of you and you didn’t not have to do something because it was expected of you. His character was selfless, sometimes a goon, and always a good role-model.

These are some of my favorite moments:

1. "Don’t Stop Believing". I mean, this moment is an obvious choice for this list. With this song, Cory and the cast of Glee changed music and pop culture forever.

2. “Theatricality”. This is my favorite Glee episode of all time, because…well, Gaga, Glee, Theatre, standing up to bullying…do I need to go on? The moment when Finn appears at the end of the episode dressed like Gaga to support Kurt still makes me tear up.

3. “Man in the Mirror”. It’s one of my favorite Glee performances and I think that the lyrics really coincided with Cory’s outlook on his own, personal life.

4. Kurt/Finn’s relationship in general is so well-written. It brought along this INCREDIBLE scene (sorry about the bad quality):

Their relationship evolved an incredible amount during the show and turned out to be so touching and supportive. A true example of brotherly love, even if they’re just step-brothers.

5. "The Scientist". Finn opens up this cover and carries this gorgeous rendition.

It’s always a severe tragedy when the world loses someone too soon. Every person holds so much potential and talent and it’s heartbreaking to think that that talent will never be fully explored. All we know is that Cory truly did touch other people’s lives while he was here. He gave hope to many viewers who didn’t believe in their potential: he allowed people to trust in themselves. That’s a great gift. Thank you.

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Oh, hello!
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