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It's weird how almost-tragic events stick out in my brain.

I remember driving with my mom once when a mama duck and her ducklings started to cross the road. I can picture the exact intersection, the ducks crossing to our left as we waited to turn. I can see the red sports car zooming toward the duck family. My heart must have stopped for about a millisecond, but it felt like slow motion. I remember my mom pulling forward a bit and honking her horn with reckless abandon. The red car seemed to speed up at the sound of the horn. It finally came to a screeching halt inches from the family. Maybe even centimeters. The family quickly scurried the rest of the way across the road. Instant tears streamed down my face. The ducks were ok, but I will forever remember.

This week, I saw a dog on the side of a county road. It was a golden retriever and it looked to be smiling, just making it's way down the road. Collar around it's neck, I knew the dog was out of place. I knew I should stop, let it hop in my car, read it's name tag and take it home. But I did nothing. Because I didn't have time. And I'm torn up about it. It's another instance I will never forget, always wondering if that dog is safe at home.

I felt the same emotions for the dog that I felt for those ducks so long ago. It's like an overwhelming insecurity, an eternal pit in my stomach, a helpless feeling of guilt. It's a feeling I wish I could forget. For all I know, those ducks are playing in a pond right now and that dog is fighting its owner in a game of tug-o-war. I like to hope so, at least.

Oh, hello!

Oh, hello!
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