Writing for instant gratification

By: Kaitlyn

Social media has changed us. Everything is instant and at our fingertips. And this has changed writing.

Writing used to be a long process. Getting published was an even longer process. Yes, still, it's kind of long-ish. But you can be published now by simply clicking a button and that same button opens your writing for the world to read.

That's crazy and amazing and awesome.

But it's also made us impatient.

We always want to write something, publish it and want people to immediately respond to it. Let's face it, we press the refresh button obsessively after we post any kind of writing. The second after we finish writing something, we want others to see it.

But that's an issue.

Whatever happened to editing and writing drafts? That a key component to writing that isn't necessarily done anymore. And that's a shame. Your writing only grows and becomes stronger and eventually realizes its full potential after multiple drafts.

I think that this want for instant gratification has changed the genre of writing that people create as well. Our generation of writers mostly write blogs (whoo!), poetry and short stories (And I love all of these dearly, don't get me wrong). But I think that it's becoming more and more difficult to find writers who write novels. Obviously, there are people, but I feel like in our generation, they are few and far between.

Novels are hard.

They are an insane amount of work. Not only do you have to sit down and write a novel, but you have to re-write them and edit them a million times (no exaggeration). It could take years and years and years before a novel is ready to be published and then a few more years for a novel to actually be published (if ever).

That's anything but instant gratification.

So, what does that mean? Why am I writing about this?

I suppose I want to tell my generation to not give up on their writing. Never stop editing it and never stop changing it. It's worth it. You don't need likes and comments to fuel you to keep going. Your imagination and confidence can fuel your writing. Instant gratification is great, but the self-satisfaction of knowing that you spent the time to write an amazing piece of art is even greater.

Oh, hello!

Oh, hello!
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