Why Can't We Forgive Paula Deen?

By: Kaitlyn

For those of you not aware of what’s happening with Southern cooking legend Paula Deen, here’s what went down:

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Last month, an ex-employee at one of Deen’s restaurants filed a lawsuit saying that he worked in a hostile environment that included racial slurs.  Court files this week showed that Deen admitted to using racial slurs such as the “N” word in the past, but insists that she hasn’t used them in “a very long time.” There was also a moment revealed where Deen said she mentioned having an all black waiter staff at her brother’s wedding. After these instances were made public, Deen posted a public apology, asking for forgiveness. The Food Network discontinued her contract for her show.

These are awful things to say.  I hate the “N” word. I think it’s the ugliest and most horrific word in the English language. I have never said it and never will say it (unless I’m reading Huck Finn out loud).

That being said, why can’t we seem to forgive Paula?

I am not supporting what Paula Deen has said or done, but I whole-heartedly support forgiving her.

First of all, she outwardly admitted to saying these things and admitted that they were wrong. Then, she came out with a public apology seeking our forgiveness saying that it was a huge error on her part and that she’s going to learn and grow from it.

What more do we want from her?

A woman admits doing wrong, asks for our forgiveness and says she will change and we still won’t forgive her? That’s upsets me.

(Sidenote: Would society forgive her if she was a man? Just think about it…)

Along with being unable to forgive her, The Food Network has ended her contract. Now, everyone that knows me knows how much I love the Food Network, but I don’t agree with their decision. Their choice not only condemns Paula, but also her entire staff, crew and family. It takes away their living. Should they have to pay for what she said? For something they had nothing to do with? I don’t think so.

I believe that everyone has a right and deserves forgiveness, regardless of how awful what they said was. They will grow and learn from their mistakes, just like we do. Forgiveness is not only good for the people that we forgive, but it's healthy for us.

Oh, hello!

Oh, hello!
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