Positive Role Models for Girls

By: Sarah and Kaitlyn

We’re concerned for the future generation. With the media affecting so many young people, it’s common that tweens and teens look up to popular celebrities. But lately, it seems like there aren’t many to look up to.

Take Miley Cyrus for example.

We understand Miley couldn’t be Hannah Montana forever. We’re all about her new ‘do and feminism, but the woman she has turned into isn’t someone we respect. She seems to have a blasé attitude about everything and a personal mantra of “sex sells.”

And have you seen her new music video? Filled with a bevy of scantily clad women and drug use, the video is promiscuous, immoral and, when it comes down to it, a bit racist.

If this is the evolution of Miley Cyrus, we’re not siding with Darwin on this one.

However, we do believe there are young female celebrities who are worth looking up to. Here are a few:


  1. Emma Roberts – The niece of Julia Roberts, Emma just seems like an all-around nice person. She hasn’t let stardom go to her head. Also, she seems well read. Her instagram is constantly filled with pictures of books she is reading. We’ve gotten many suggestions from it.

  2. Chloë Grace Moretz – Umm, excuse us, why didn’t we look like her when we were 14? She’s 16 now and lovelier than ever. Every movie she has been in, she has played her role with grace and poise. Definitely an awesome role model.

  3. Elle Fanning – We would give anything to be Fanning sisters. Elle is so adorable and sweet and we just want to hug her. Her big smile lights up in every movie and her acting skill is well beyond her years.

  4. Emma Watson - Not only has she played one of the best female role models (Hermione), but Emma is one in real life as well. She values intelligence and is always looking to learn. She has never leaned up against sex appeal to make her into something big. She has dignity and self-respect in her art, which is something that all girls should look up to.

  5. Jennifer Lawrence - It seems like the whole female population of the internet is in love with J-Law and so are we. Everyone loves her for great reasons. She’s real. She is a celebrity that finally emulates what all girls are thinking and feeling. She’s honest, talented and humble. She’s the real deal and we love her for it.

  6. Malala Yousafzai - This 15 year old is braver, bolder, and stronger than any of us could ever dream to be, which is why we should look up to her. This Nobel Peace Prize Nominee is important because of what she is fighting for: education and women’s rights and access to that education.

It is so important for girls (and women) to have someone to look up to as a great and inspirational role model. Sadly, a majority of the “role models” out there send the message that sex sells and you have to sell yourself. The young women above promote a much different and healthier message of self-worth and success.

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Oh, hello!
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