Kaleidoscopes and Watches

By: Tenley

It’s antique lace and bells that make me miss you.
It’s the smell of windsong and manicotti cooking.
It’s the French braid lessons and the hugs.
It’s the voicemail unknowing saved that simply says “Hey Tenley. It’s Grandma, I love you.”
It’s your blue nightgown and the way you looked like an angel that day.
It’s realizing you’ll never see me adorned in white and walking down the aisle.
It’s knowing you won’t be there to hold my baby one day.
It’s the stubbornness I inherited and the tight squeeze of your hand.
It’s sweet potatoes at Christmas.
It’s the thought that begs “Are you proud?”
It’s the memory of you turning the kaleidoscope repeatedly and beautifully at the surgery table so I wouldn’t be scared.
It’s how you loved me when I was so unbelievably weak.
It’s how you carried me to the bathroom when I was too cancer-stricken to walk.
It’s your strength.
It’s the ticking of your watch that’s now wrapped around my wrist; reminding me that time is impossible to measure.
It’s the way you made us laugh even when you didn’t realize.
It’s jewelry boxes and sewing stitches.
It’s your faith.
It’s your last “I love you” and the smile upon your face as you fell to sleep that last time.
Yes, it’s antique lace and bells that make me miss you.

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Oh, hello!

Oh, hello!
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