I don't have anything to say today (even though it was an AWESOME day).

By: Sarah

Sometimes, I just don't know what to write. I think this is ok. My day has been filled with cheering for Wendy Davis, celebrating the take-down of DOMA, mourning the fact that it's been one year since Nora Ephron died, reading/finishing The Bling Ring and trying to think of what to write. I could write about any of the aforementioned topics, but I'm just not feeling extremely literary today. I wouldn't call it writer's block ... just mind block. My mind is other places. In fact, my mind was wandering to old text messages on my phone that I had saved. (I still have to 'lock' messages if I ever want to read them again because I don't have a smart phone. I like to call it my humble phone.)

Anyway, I wanted to take the time to write down some of my favorite text messages I've ever received. Some are happy and fun to read, others break my heart. Some are so old I don't even have the number saved anymore. Sometimes, I think I write for other people. But today, my post is just for me. (My next post is probably going to be about writing for yourself versus for others.)


"I've been in the hp7p2 line dressed as mad eye since 330. Wish you were here"

"Hey twin. I just wanted to say hi. I'm glad we're twins."

"Don't worry...ull definitely see me again and i take comfort knowing that ill see you too"

"Choo doin girl?"

"This is me texting you cause I text you everyday. And because I love you. 'i was hiding under your porch because I love you'"

"so is now a bad time to be honest? because i just wanna tell you you are super pretty even if i cant be the one to prove it to you"

"Hey. Just want you to know that i sincerely love you."

"I love our mutual love of movies"

“You should hang out with me some time. I have a beard”

“It kills me every single time I have to stop talking to you :("

"So I'm just in the car thinking about how awesome and sweet and cute you are and how much I love being your friend!!!"

"Unexpected smiles tend to be my favorite"

"We just like interesting people because we find all people fascinating which is probably why we like journalism because we tell interesting people's stories"

"I'm honored to be on your knuckles pretty guuurl"

"I am so happy that I've met you this semester. You are a wonderful person and I'll miss you but in a short time we will see each other again. I love you. :)"

"Mom walked into the mens room"

":) ahh haha, nonsense! Chuff I do not, but I'm glad you thought of me"

"I've been farting so much lately...It's scary."

"Miss you too arch enemy triplet! :)"

"I watched that and thought you were my best friend and that Im happier around you. So stay in my life pls."

"i'm like migrating into duckness"

"Haha that make me smile too :) ps ur cute"

"Thank everything we have each other."

"There is an ad on my facebook for a thing called 'dating for muggles' ohmydear."

"I want to be Tina and Amy's friendship. if their friendship was a person, i would want to be that person."

"Vacumming to Mumford & Sons, makes me want to learn banjo!"



Oh, hello!

Oh, hello!
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