I'm Accidentally in Love with a Popstar

By: Lauren

Last night I changed my ringtone from The Babies' "Wild 2" to Selena Gomez's "Come & Get It." I have fallen hard and fast for the pop stylings of mega starlet Selena Gomez and I didn't even really want or mean to.

Two of my friends have always loved Gomez and it's something I've ridiculed them for endlessly, screencapping their last.fm scrobbles and taunting their facebook posts. The idea of a girl who once played a wizard having any musical talent seemed farfetched. She also played a princess protector too, but I wasn't taking that into consideration. To me she seemed like a doomed Disney star waiting for her moment in the spotlight as an adult, sex tape and foray into rapping optional. Please allow me to gush like a young little girl right here because OH EM GEE THIS SONG RULES. Selena Gomez is kind of irresistibly great.

From those first tribal chants that seem kind of out of place, but still cool, that open the song, to Selena's vow to die happy and in love, this track is a mega summer hit. For two days it's been on an endless repeat, along with her previous hits aided by backing band The Scene. For one brief moment I scrolled through her tour dates contemplating an evening in Pittsburgh with fellow teenyboppers and star struck ladies, but I haven't fallen that fast, yet. Instead I'll put another play down for "Love You Like A Love Song" and dream of simpler times when Biebs was in love and Selena was his queen.

This wizard can sing and unfortunately for me I've fallen under her spell.

Oh, hello!

Oh, hello!
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