Capturing Scents

By: Sarah

I wish I could capture a smell. I would put it in a Mason jar where it would float around and greet curious fireflies. I could open the jar any time I wanted, close my eyes and breathe in. The scent would fill my nose, and then I would quickly screw the cap back on.

I would capture the scent of my grandma if I could. She passed away recently, and as we were cleaning out her apartment I noticed how distinct the smell of her life was. It took everything in me to not just sit in her closet, burying my face in her collection of button-down shirts, inhaling every last bit of her.

Lipstick and warmth. That is the best way I know how to describe the aroma of her apartment. Her life. Herself.

I'm curious as to why our noses can't recall certain smells. Ask me to remember the smell of warm chocolate chip cookies: easy. Freshly-cut grass: you got it. But other scents, like my grandma or the smell of the air at my favorite lake, are more difficult.

Smells are not tangible, but fleeting. We can't keep them in a jar. Rarely can we even keep them in our noses. But, they aren’t ours to keep. Smells belong to the person or place or thing. We take them for granted and sometimes don’t even notice they exist until we realize we’ll never smell them again.

What a strange sense we were gifted with. Wonderful, lingering and forgetful.

Oh, hello!

Oh, hello!
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