Welcome to the "Real World"

The “real world” is a scary place. Our whole lives we have dreaded going into the real world.  Without having a safety bubble filled with mom’s laundry skills and dad’s fixing skills (or mom’s fixing skills and dad’s laundry skills – we don’t care about gender norms here), we are quickly realizing just how crazy-fast the real world creeps up on you.

First, there’s student loans to pay off. Then a cell phone bill. Followed by rent, groceries, electricity, water, cable, wifi. Not to mention, soon we’ll have to be on our own insurance. It’s all very overwhelming.

There’s also the matter of finding a job. This is, arguably, the scariest part. Because without a job, we won’t make money. And without money, none of the bills listed above will get paid.

OK – deep breath. It’s all going to work out. We have to believe that.

The joke is that we’ve been in the real world this whole time. We’ve had jobs, homes, commitments, and routines. There’s no such thing as going out into the “real world”. It’s not like we’ve been living in some make-believe fairyland for forever (though we do dream about that sometimes). Sure, we played pretend when we were kids (and sometimes adults). And yes, life was just one big party for a while in college. But that’s never a good life-long lifestyle; we’ve all read The Great Gatsby.

So maybe the real world isn’t full of pretending anymore. But that’s the exciting part. The real world is a scary place, this is true, but it’s also chockfull of opportunities. Fresh out of college, we are in that strange limbo period of realizing we don’t have to ask our parents to do anything anymore, but still feel like we need to. If we want to pack up and go backpacking around Europe, we can. If we want to stay out all night, that’s fine. It’s also a plus that our parents are still willing to house us for free.

There are new prospects waiting for us in the real world. New jobs and new friends and new relationships are all waiting to blossom – just like we are about to.

It’s OK to be nervous about the new adventures before us, but it’s also important to embrace everything that comes our way (even if that is living at home for a while).

The real world is about being done with pretending. It’s about being. It’s about finally being what we’ve been pretending to be for years.

Dear Life,

Keep giving us lemons. We freaking love lemonade.


Sarah and Kaitlyn


Oh, hello!

Oh, hello!
We're Sarah and Kaitlyn, roommates from Milwaukee who started this blog to promote creativity and life.
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