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By: Sarah

With Mother's Day last Sunday and the appearance of so many strong women in the media today, I started thinking about my favorite women. I'm all about feminism, and I think having tenacious female icons is important. Because I couldn't pick just one, I decided to break my favorites down into four categories.

Actress - Meryl Streep
189939_3859536499276_1904189610_nI have a fervent love for Meryl Streep. Every movie and interview I watch of hers is breathtaking. I'd like to sit down with her and talk about how she has the ability to epitomize so many other wonderful women, such as Julia Child, Margaret Thatcher, Miranda Priestly, the list goes on. She embodies everything I hope to be when I am her age - classy, poised and sometimes a little drunk at an awards show.

Political Figure - Hillary Clinton
Arguably Streep's bestie, I also adore Hillary Clinton. She went from First Lady, to a Senator in New York, to the United States Secretary of State. Clinton/Streep 2016, anyone? I think Clinton is going to do great things in years to come. I've got my fingers crossed. (P.S. -- Michelle O., I love you, girl. I didn't forget about you.)

Comedian - Amy Poehler
I wrote Amy Poehler's name down as Leslie Knope at first. I think the two names are interchangeable. Both Amy amy-poehlerPoehler, and the character she plays on Parks & Recreation, inspire me. She seems so approachable and down to earth. And, most importantly, in my opinion, shows that women are hilarious. I want to be best friends with Poehler.

Author - J.K. Rowling
Sometimes I weep because I know I will never be J.K. Rowling. I'll never have the same writing style or create the character of Harry Potter. But that doesn't mean I won't try. And I will use Rowling as my inspiration. She gave my childhood a story I will never forget. I loved growing up with Harry. Rowling sparked my lifelong interest in reading and writing. I hope to one-day be like her. First step: get on a train from Manchester to London, napkins in hand.

Who are some of your favorite women (real or fictional)?
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Oh, hello!
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