The Pros and Cons of Graduating

By: Kaitlyn and Sarah

If you’re anything like us, you make Pro/Con lists for every big event/decision in your life. Let’s face it, these lists never really help you decide something (you usually have your mind made up before you even begin your list), but they do help you get all of your excitements and worries out there.

And what could be more exciting and worrisome than graduating?

This month, we’re both graduating (in some ways) from college. Yay! Of course it’s a crazy thrilling time, but it’s also horrifying. So, we decided to make a list to help us figure out what we’re feeling.

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The Pros:

  • No more sketchy basement house parties. Basement parties are dirty, gross, shady cesspools full of hormonal freshmen. It’s time to look forward to being able to party in a classy fashion.

  • New exciting things! Who knows where life is going to take you? We surely have nothing planned. What could be more exciting than endless possibilities?

  • You can finally start to do what you’ve been going to school for 15 years to do.

  • You’ll have a degree. A real, true-blue piece of paper that says, “I’ve have a bachelor’s degree in blah blah, so please hire be for blah blah!”

  • NO. MORE. HOMEWORK. No more late nights pumping your veins with coffee because you have to write a five page paper, which, of course, you waited until the last minute to start. No more busy work. No more pointless classes that you have to take as a gen. ed. (cough MATH cough). No more tests.  No more presentations. No more homework.

  • You might get to move home for a while which equals free: food, room, laundry, etc.

The Cons:

  • You might have to move home for a while. You just want to get your life started!

  • Goodbye. Hey, remember when everyone you knew lived within a mile radius? Well, now they’re going to live 1,5428 miles away.

  • If you drink now as much as you did in college, you’re considered an alcoholic, not just another college student.

  • No more two-hour afternoon naps in strange places (ie. Coffee shop couches, libraries, etc.)

  • Bills. Bills. Bills. So many things to pay for. Starting with student loans.

  • It’s the real world out there. You’re no longer safely cocooned in between your parents and your college friends. It’s scary, and you might have to go at it alone.

Graduating college is both amazing and horrible, there’s no escaping that. However, the excitement of what the future might hold is greater than any sense of loss. There will be ups and downs, and for a while, it’s going to feel scary and unsure. But we have to remember that will pass. The future is imminent and we can’t be afraid of it.

But don’t think for a second we won’t miss college. Or mom and dad.

Oh, hello!

Oh, hello!
We're Sarah and Kaitlyn, roommates from Milwaukee who started this blog to promote creativity and life.
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