Classically Minded - Post 1

Hi, everybody! I’m Allie, and I’m so excited to be a new contributor on The Duck and The Owl. These two women are couple of my very faves and once I saw what they were up to I just had to jump on board! Luckily, they liked my ideas. *phew*

So, welcome to “Classically Minded”! Here you’ll see a lot of what makes me tick and that pretty much entails classic movies and TV, vintage fashion, tea, novels… I’m an old soul. I know a lot of bloggers say this, but for real, grab a cup of tea and join me! :)

I thought I’d start with a few of my favorite movies growing up. Here’s a rundown of the classics that have shaped me into the film lover I am today:

1. The Sound of Music
Hey. Don’t roll your eyes! This is just about the most perfect movie of all time, in my humble opinion. Music, romance, war, Frederick to laugh at (seriously, watch his face during every scene – what a doof), Maria to look up to, NUNS. Every movie should have nuns, you guys. This has been my favorite movie for many, many years and I highly doubt it will change.

2. Pillow Talk
Doris Day and Rock Hudson can do no wrong. Pillow Talk was on AMC or TCM at least a couple times a year and my sister and I would always find ourselves glued to the television when we were little. The day I found out I couldn’t marry Rock Hudson was the saddest day of my life.

3. An Affair To Remember
I was an odd child. I watched An Affair To Remember before Sleepless in Seattle told me it was cool. Also, it was my favorite movie in 7th grade. I take it back, I wasn’t odd, I was awesome. Deborah Kerr as Terry McKay is truly inspiring. And I know that everyone talks about how sad it is and yes, I cry at least four times while watching… but it’s also hilarious! The clever banter between Nicky and Terry makes me giggle and swoon every time. If you haven’t had the privilege of watching this gem PLEASE put it next on your Netflix queue.

4. Gentlemen Prefer Blondes
Oh, you all thought I was going to choose something that wasn’t a romance to show that I’m well rounded and not a hopeless romantic? Fooled you!

Everyone loves Marilyn Monroe, but me? I’m a Jane Russell fan. She’s sassy and brilliant and always taking care of Marilyn in this hilarious musical. And speaking of music, these songs won’t get out of your head. They are stuck there for life. Another reason to watch? The cruise ship theory. The best classic movies take place on cruise ships (read: An Affair To Remember, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, Romance on the High Seas…). It’s a great pick-me-up and the costumes are phenomenal.

Well, there you have it! A little bit of my movie heart from me to you. See you next week!


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Oh, hello!
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