A Summer Without Camp

By: Kaitlyn and Sarah

Normally at this time of year, we would be headed off to another magical and crazy summer at camp. A summer filled with silly songs about animals and food sung in a huge circle. A summer spent eating the best dessert on planet earth – Janice’s Banana Cake. A summer lounging in the lake, gathering in the game field, and chockfull with love.

But that’s not happening this year.

We’ve finally come to terms with the fact that our time working at camps has ended (well, almost come to terms). We’ve had many great memories there and it’s changed us forever, but it’s time now for camp to change other people’s lives. And we’re so excited for them.

Even though we’ve accepted the fact that our time at camp is over, it’s still sad. We spent all of our college summers there and invested a lot of our time and love into this whimsical, enchanted place. We’re going to miss a lot of things.

Here are only a few:

  • Dirty Feet. All the time. No matter what you do, your feet will be black forever and black for months after camp has ended.

  • Along with that, the fact that taking three showers a week is not only acceptable, but also encouraged. Four showers? Woah! How did you do it?!

  • It is socially acceptable to wear 1,0000000 friendship bracelets on every appendage of your body. In fact, it’s not only socially acceptable, but you’re also considered cool.

  • Actually, it’s acceptable to rock any garb. Wanna wear yellow rain boots and a floral fanny-pack? Go for it.

  • Eternally smelling like campfire.

  • Making campfires with ONE match.

  • Random guitar circles/jam sessions.

  • Stargazing on the dock.

  • The fact that there’s so much love everywhere that you’re no longer self-conscious about anything.

  • The friendships made at camp are the strongest friendships you will ever make. Spending an entire summer with people, out in the hot sun, dealing with sometimes-horrible children, really makes you close. We met at camp. And despite distance, we are still best friends.

Here’s an info-graphic to show how we’re feeling about not spending the summer at camp:
: ( : ( :’ ( :’’’’’’’( D: D:  : ((((((((((((((

Camp has shaped us. Camp has given us strength. Camp has blossomed friendships and love in our life. Camp is us. And we miss it already.

Oh, hello!

Oh, hello!
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