A Love Letter to Female Rockers

By: Lauren

I had my chance to be a rock star. You probably have never heard of a rock band fronted by a female french horn player (if you have please let me know), but I could have been the first. Then high school happened and I was afraid of being  a "band geek", a pasty kid sweating away on the football field while our band director loomed atop his tower. I threw my rusty old horn in the back of our shoe closest, never to be seen again.

My dreams of superstardom and wearing black gypsy dresses were dashed, so I've turned to other female rockers to admire. Rock and roll isn't just a dude's club and here are some of my great goddess idols who started it and those who continue on:

--Stevie Nicks: Nicks is an actual angel sent to us from a heavenly body. Front woman for Fleetwood Mac and solo artist, Nicks has been bewitching fans, myself included, with her ballads on breakups, life and dudes sometimes being the worst. Stop dragging out hearts around men.
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6UD0c58nNCQ&w=520&h=415]If it were socially acceptable I'd like to think I could wear billowy floor length gowns on a daily basis, much like Nicks does for her concert garb.

--Kim Gordon: Resident Sonic Youth babe, Gordon is an original indie rock queen, enlivening the band's music with her husky vocals since it's inception. Also of note, Gordon is an idol for women everywhere, opening up on kicking her former bandmate and husband Thurston Moore to the curb after discovering his cheating and on going through a procedure for her noninvasive form of breast cancer. Gordon taught me that I shouldn't let anything stand in my way.

large-msg-131980597016--Dee Dee Penny: Penny, real name Kristen Gundred is a modern day style icon, outfitting herself with striped tights, an all black wardrobe and killer red lips, as lovely as the bedroom lo-fi rock she creates with her band The Dum Dum Girls. Emulating her style has been my life's passion and her style is doable for daily wear.

--Karen O.: 13 years into her career with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Karen O. continues to amaze fans with her outlandish stage presence and screaming vocals. Whether she's deep throating a microphone or buzzing around stage in a custom Christian Joy cape Karen O. has been redefining rock with each release. Karen O. is seemingly unafraid, displaying a confidence all of us rocking ladies should aspire to.

Oh, hello!

Oh, hello!
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