A Love Letter about Letters

By: Kaitlyn 

My dearest readers,

I always dream of eating breakfast when my butler (who is a wonderful mixture of Batman's Alfred and Lord Grantham's Carson) walks up to me with a letter on a silver plate. I open it with a mini sword and then read a perfectly cursived account of someone's life. It would update me on everything going on with them and ask about my life in return. I would spend a good hour writing back to them and the process would continue.

I miss letters. I try to send them as often as I possibly can, but let's face it: they're about to die. And that makes me so incredibly sad.

There's something so beautiful, romantic and personable about letters. In a letter, you know that the other person spent a great deal of time writing it to you--you know that they truly care. And there's nothing like actually reading a person's handwriting. I wish I could write this in a handwritten letter to all of you (maybe a photo will do). 

We used to get personalized, novella length letters. Now we get texts that say, "hi what's up?!" And we'll respond with a "not much.I'm good. How are you?"

Where's the care in that? Don't get me wrong. I don't think that texting and technology are evil or anything. I just think that sometimes they depersonalize communication in an effort to make communication easier.

I wish people didn't disregard the true importance of writing and receiving letters. Let's not let them die, because there's nothing more exciting than opening up your mailbox and finding a letter inside.



Oh, hello!

Oh, hello!
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