Think Before You Type

By: Kaitlyn

I’ve seen a lot of things on social media, the internet, and in just basic every day social interaction that make me a little sad. It’s the general, unintentional negativity that people are putting off into the world. It’s the back-handed comments that people say about others; it’s the lack of hope through even the smallest setbacks; and it’s the negativity about life.

I’m not saying we’re all not guilty of thinking that our lives suck every once in a while. I’m not positive energysaying I’m not guilty of thinking not-so-nice-things about others. We’re only human after all.  What I am saying is, why do we feel the need to broadcast all of these things out into the world?

Why do people feel the need to write a passive tweet about someone who might have annoyed them? Why do people feel the need to broadcast very specific life hardships in their Facebook statuses?

Maybe it’s the fact that people want everyone to know everything about their lives now-a-days. Maybe it’s the fact that we’re “cooler” if we complain about things.

The truth is, I don’t know (Which is why I’m asking so many questions). What I do know is that who we are has a lot to do with what we put out into the world.

I think that the most tragic thing here is that it’s mostly unintentional. People aren’t exactly aware of what they are putting out there for the rest of the world to see. I think that every single one of us needs to be more aware of what we are putting out into the world. Every one of us needs to look at our actions and words to make sure that what we are doing isn’t hurting ourselves or anyone else.

Putting negativity out into the world isn’t going to do anyone any good. This is only perpetuating a cycle of pessimistic culture.  It’s a culture we can end so easily. Be conscious of what you’re putting out into the world and take a step to make sure that it’s building others up and not down.

Oh, hello!

Oh, hello!
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