Finding Hope in the Boston Marathon Bombing

By: Sarah

On Tuesday, September 11, 2001, tragedy struck in New York City. On Friday, December 14, 2012, a school shooting shook Sandy Hook Elementary School and the nation. This past Monday, April 15, there was a bombing at the Boston Marathon.

These are just some of the misfortunes I have lived through.

The bombing at the Boston Marathon left me shattered into a million pieces. Pieces of sympathy and care. Pieces of shock and disgust. So many pieces working to put themselves back together. Although I did not personally know anyone hurt or affected, looking at each photograph and watching each video made my heart sad.

In its 117th year, the Boston Marathon is a well-known race in which more than 20,000 runners participate. People don't run this race to win. They don't run it to gloat and boast. They run it to prove something to themselves, whether it be endurance or strength or just the ability to finish. So what, I wonder, would possess someone to bomb something so pure and good. Why would some parasite leech off of a momentous milestone in a person's life?

These are questions I will never have the answer to. But, they are questions I think most other people will also never figure out. And these are the people that should be focused on during this tragedy. The good.

There were so many good people that helped after the bombs went off. People ran to give blood. So much, in fact, that the Red Cross had to turn people away. There were people offering a bed, a place to stay or food/water. There were even people offering things as small as free wifi.

Despite this horrendous event, my faith in people has not been shaken. I can't let the acts of a few counter the more powerful acts of many. No, my faith has not been shaken, but instead, reaffirmed.

Humans are inherently good.
Humans are inherently good.
Humans are inherently good.
I have to believe that.


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Oh, hello!
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