Why Everyone Should Be A Disney Princess

By: Kaitlyn

I have always wanted to be a Disney princess. I grew up watching Disney movies and soon wanted to be a Disney princess at Disney world.

I recently watched this video and it just reignited all of those dreams.

(Also, who knew how fun it could be to be an ugly stepsister?)

I mean, I probably will never be a Disney Princess at Disney World but that won’t stop my dreams of being a Disney princess. Most people laugh and/or don’t take me seriously when I say that. But I’m dead serious. I mean, I don’t need to prance around with forest creatures in a ball gown singing about love (though that would be wonderful). That’s not what I mean about being a Disney princess. Being a Disney princess stands for so much more. And in the world today, I think a little more Disney attitude is something that everyone needs.

Being a Disney princess is really just all about being positive. It’s all about bringing hope back to people who have lost it or have never had it to begin with.

Some people might condemn this type of attitude because it’s not “realistic.” Life isn’t all sunshine and rainbows all the time, they say. True. But that doesn’t mean it’s always cloudy and rainy all the time. Life is what you make it out to be and personally, I would like to have a little more happiness in my life, wouldn’t you?

Here are some easy ways to be a Disney princess in “real” life:

1. Smile

Smile all the time. Smile at people you know, smile at people you don’t know. A little smiling goes a long way. Believe it or not, a smile could make or break a person’s day, take that little step to make it.

2. Tell people that they matter.

Send the people in your life small messages (whether it’s through email, facebook, twitter, a letter, or in person) that they matter. Let them know that you’re thinking of them and appreciate having them in your life. Small acts of kindness are big acts happiness.

3. Don’t give up on your dreams and don’t let others give up on theirs either.

People often give up on their dreams incredibly easy (after their first rejection letter, first failed job interview, etc). Dreams don’t happen right away and that’s no reason to give up on them. Through hard work and dedication you can accomplish your dreams and others can to.

4. Appreciate nature.

Every Disney princess has a band of furry friends. Now, there’s no need to adopt a thousand homeless rats or anything like that, but appreciate nature in any way you can. Volunteer at an animal shelter, go on a walk in the park, recycle, buy a cute new outfit for your dog, sing to some birds, whatever you’re comfortable with. Hanging out with nature/animals always raises one’s spirit.

Being a Disney princess isn’t all about singing for your true love and being whisked away to a fairy-tale marriage. It’s a positive state of mind where you can brighten up the days of those around you and therefore yourself. Doesn’t everyone need a little bit of that in their lives?

Stay tuned for our thoughts on the Disney Princess Redesign. 

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Oh, hello!
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